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Surface Hardening using Plasma Nitrding process


Plasma Nitriding is a surface hardening process, in which nitrogen is diffused in to the components surface. Plasma nitriding produces high surface hardness, good wear resistance, increased fatigue strength and toughness.

Advantages of Plasma Nitriding:

  • Reduced (by 20-50%) treatment cycle compared to gas nitriding process.

  • Better process control and automation.

  • Higher surface hardness can be achieved (up to 1200 HV, 70 HRC).

  • Better dimensional stability (lower distortions) due to lower process temperature and uniform heating.

  • Cases with uniform depth are formed even over parts with complex shapes.

  • Easier masking for selective nitriding.

  • Lower energy consumption

  • Reduced gas consumption.

  • Safer operation.

  • Environment Friendly Process (Green Technology)

Material for Plasma Nitriding

  • En-8, En-19, En-24, En-47, En 41B

  • All types of stainless steels

  • Hot working steel

  • High speed steel

  • Cold work steel

  • Valve steel

  • Oil hardening steel

  • Cast iron


  • Cutting tools

  • Forging dies

  • Drawing dies

  • Molds for Transfer molding and Compression molding of polymers

  • Machine and automotive parts like gear wheels, valves, lifters, cams, rocker arms, crankshafts


Address for communication:

A-10/B, G.I.D.C. Electronics Estate, Sector 25, Gandhinagar - 382044, Gujarat Ph: +91 79 23269003 Fax: +91 79 23269001

email: fcipt@ipr.res.in


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