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Surface Engineering Applications

A. Subsurface Modification

  1. Plasma Nitriding

  2. Plasma Carburizing

B. Plasma Enhanced Physical Vapour Deposition

  1. Planar magnetron sputter deposition of nitrides and oxides thin films.

  2. Cylindrical magnetron for deposition on larger areas.

  3. Hot dip plasma enhanced aluminizing.

C. Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition

  1. RF plasma polymerization of SiOx films.

D. Surface Activation

  1. Plasma etching of wool and other textiles.

  2. Activation of Carbon Powders.

  3. Activation of Brass for improving brass to rubber bonding.

  4. Surface Nanopatterning.

Thermal Plasma Applications

A. Plasma Pyrolysis

  1. Biomedical waste disposal

  2. Safe disposal of organic wastes like plastic, cotton and paper

  3. Energy recovery from disposal of high calorific wastes.

B. High Power high heat flux torch development

C. Generation of nano-powders using plasma torches

Popularizing Plasmas

A. Plasma experiments for M.Sc Students

B. Plasma diagnostics setup

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