Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies

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  • Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Experiments

  • Energy Recovery from high calorific organic materials by Plasma Gasification & Pyrolysis.

  • Safe disposal of liquid (solvent mixture) and solid waste using plasma pyrolysis technology

  • Plasma Surface modification of textiles.

  • Textile Fiber Treatment with Inductively Coupled Plasma

  • DST Project on " Plasma surface modification of polyester fibre and fabric to enhance dye uptake properties with natural dyes".

  • DST Project along with HIFEED on "Development and Performance Evaluation of an Industrial Scale Atmospheric Air Plasma System to Treat Angora Wool for Manufacture of 100% Angora Products".

  • Development of plasma aluminizing process for Inconel (IN718) alloys

  • Development of plasma surface engineering technologies for rocket applications.

Address for communication:

A-10/B, G.I.D.C. Electronics Estate, Sector 25, Gandhinagar - 382044, Gujarat Ph: +91 79 23269003 Fax: +91 79 23269001

email: fcipt@ipr.res.in


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