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Surface Modification using Plasma for Rubber to Brass Bonding


Brass valves are important component of tires as the bonding between brass valves and rubber is very critical in ensuring road safety. A poor brass-rubber bond might prove fatal in case of a tyre burst in fast moving vehicles. The conventional technique to activate the brass surface for improved bonding with rubber, involves toxic chemicals and acids. The use of these acids and toxic chemicals leads to environmental pollution and also demands huge quantities of water for processing and cleaning. Additionally, the wet chemical processing requires effluent treatment plant (ETP) to treat the chemical discharge. All these conditions pose a threat to the environment and calls for novel eco-friendly technologies. Further, the polluting technologies also limit the exportability of goods in European countries and other countries where environmental norms do not permit the use of products generated by polluting technologies.


The Process for Surface Modification using Plasma for rubber to brass bonding (hereinafter referred to as "Plasma Etching Technology" is a surface activation process which is mainly focused on activation of brass valve surface using patented plasma technology which yields an improved brass to rubber bond. This is a dry process which does not require any water or chemicals. The vacuum based plasma assisted activation process is a batch process and brass valves can be activated in batches. Presently, the plasma etching technology is optimized for 60-40 grade brass as being used for manufacturing tyre/tube valves.

Advantages of Plasma Etching Technology

  • Yields excellent rubber-to-brass adhesion.
  • Dry surface activation process (No water required).
  • Eco-friendly process which uses only air and electricity.  
  • No need of costly effluent treatment.
  • Process compatible for production capacity expansion.
  • Safe operation.
  • Environment Friendly Process (Green Technology)

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