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Enthalpy Probe Diagnostics


Enthalpy Probe is a hot gas diagnostic tool that works on the principle of calorimetry and offers a low-cost, user-friendly solution for the measurement of hot gas / plasma parameters in an industrial system. It is very useful for system design, process control, stability and repeatability.

Advantages of using enthalpy probe

  • Can measure measure local (point-to-point) properties of hot gas / plasma.

  • User-friendly design: A new probe can easily be fabricated and assembled / integrated with the system within a time frame of 1 hour.


  • Hot gas exhaust

  • Thermal spray systems

  • Plasma torch design & development

  • Quality control in any industrial application using hot gas

  • Compliment numerical (computational) modeling

  • Fundamental Research

Offered technology

The offered know-how includes information relating to the design and fabrication of an enthalpy probe for measuring hot gas parameters such as velocity, temperature etc. The device so generated by this know-how can be used for measuring hot gas parameters (temperature of range 3000 -10000 K) of plasma torch or gas burners or other heat sources.

Address for communication:

A-10/B, G.I.D.C. Electronics Estate, Sector 25, Gandhinagar - 382044, Gujarat Ph: +91 79 23269003 Fax: +91 79 23269001

email: fcipt@ipr.res.in


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