Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies

Institute for Plasma Research



Name             : Dr. Sudhir Kumar Nema

Qualification : Ph.D (Polymers & Allied Field)

Designation   : Scientific Officer - H



Phone                : 079 - 23269025

Mobile               : +91 - 9427632948

E-mail ID           : nema@ipr.res.in, dr.sknema@gmail.com


Current Projects

  • Plasma Pyrolysis of Biomedical Waste.

  • Energy Recovery from Petroleum Residue by Plasma Gasification & Pyrolysis.

  • Plasma Surface modification of textiles.

  • DST Project on " Plasma surface modification of polyester fibre and fabric to enhance dye uptake properties with natural dyes".

  • DST Project along with HIFEED on "Development and Performance Evaluation of an Industrial Scale Atmospheric Air Plasma System to Treat Angora Wool for Manufacture of 100% Angora Products".



  • "Modification of Polyester Fabric by Non-thermal Plasma Treatment and Its Effect on Coloration Using Natural Dye Surface" Dave H., Ledwani L., Chandwani N., Kikani P., Desai B., Nema S. K, Journal of Polymer materials: An International Journal 30 (2013)291.

  • "The removal of impurities from grey cotton fabric by atmospheric pressure plasma treatment and its characterization using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy" Hemen Dave, Lalita Ledwani, Nisha Chandwani, Narendrasinh Chauhan, S. K. Nema, Journal of the Textile Institute (Taylor & Francis), in press, ID: 827900 DOI:10.1080/00405000.2013.827900

  • "Deposition of thick and adherent Teflon like coating on industrial scale stainless steel shell using pulsed DC and RF PECVD", A. Satyaprasad, S.K. Nema, N.K. Sinha & Baldevraj  accepted  and will be  published in Applied Surface Science, 2010.

  • "Innovative Plasma System to Improve Angora Fibre" P.B. Jhala, S.K. Nema, S. Mukherjee, The Indian Textile Journal, Jan 2009, 35-39

  • "Deposition of superhydrophobic nano-structured teflon-like coating using expanding plasma arc" A. Satyaprasad, V. Jain and S. K. Nema,  Applied Surface Science, 253, (2007), 5462-5466


Patents & Awards

  • Product patent on "Constricted Anode Plasma Source"  S. Karkari, S.Mukherjee, S.K. Nema, and P. I. John, Bom/304/99, (Indian Patent No. 193684).

  • Process patent  on  "Plasma polymer coating  on  substrate", S. K. Nema, S. Mukherjee and P. I. John  Bom/303/99, (Indian Patent No. 194499).

  • A product and process patent  on  "An apparatus for forming an antireflection coating  on a substrate and process thereof "  S.K. Nema, A. Chainani and P. I. John,  Bom/302/99 (Indian Patent No. 193486)

  • A Indian patent on " An apparatus for conversion of waste polymers into polymeric protective barrier coating" S.K. Nema, P. Kikani and P.I. John, 737/MUM/2002,  (Indian Patent No. 195938)

  • A product patent on "Bootstrap Plasma Pyrolysis System" K.S.Ganeshprasad, S. K. Nema, Satya Prasad and P.I. John, 2002, 761/MUM/2002, (Indian Patent No. 195943)


  • Gujarat Council of Science & Technology (Gujcost) conferred "Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Award" for the year 2002-2003 in the field of  "Environment" for the work on "Safe Disposal of Hospital Waste by Plasma Pyrolysis".

  • The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) has conferred "NASI-Reliance Industries Platinum Jubilee Award- 2010" for Application Oriented Innovations in Physical Sciences.