Facilitation Centre for Industrial Plasma Technologies

Institute for Plasma Research



Name             : Bhupendra K Patel

Qualification : B.E. (Electronics and Communication)

Designation   : Scientific Officer - D



Phone                : 079 - 23269044

Mobile               : +91 - 9974353165

E-mail ID           : bkpatel@ipr.res.in, bhupendra1981@gmail.com

Current Projects
  • Plasma (Automation and power supply)

  • Development of IGBT based power supply for various applications

  • Microwave plasma torch development.

  • Power supply development of High Frequency Dielectric Barrier Discharge plasma at atmospheric pressure

  • Working on development of Plasma Pyrolysis based technology for safe disposal of petroleum waste.

  • Stabilization of 25KW plasma torch (graphite based) using IGBT based power supply at FCIPT, IPR technical report no. IPR/TR-199/2012, C.Patil, V.Jain, B.Patel, A.Visani, V.Chauhan
  • Surface modification of brass valves using environment friendly plasma process, IPR technical report no. IPR/TR-373/2016, March 2016, S.K.Nema, P.Kikani, A. Sanghariyat, B.K.Patel, S.K.Gupta, N.Jamnapara
  • Plasma torch stabilization with IGBT based power supply through Embedded control system design. IPR technical report no. IPR/TR-257/2013, Oct-2013 C. Patil, V. Jain, B.K.Patel, A.Visani, V. Chauhan
  • Study on Plasma Gasification of Petroleum Waste in to syn-gas, IPR technical report no. IPR/TR-303, A Sanghariyat, P.V Murugan, B.K.Patel, C Patil, V Chauhan, V Jain, S Mukherjee, S.K.Nema.